Traditional poultry

We as SASSO color the world with our traditional poultry products that have a unique color, taste and can be raised in different environmental conditions.

We offer a full product range of colored chickens and layers that have been specially bred for efficiency and to maintain their distinct appearance. These niche products offer great opportunity for backyard producers looking to get their start, as well as more experienced producers hoping to enter into new markets.

In our chicken breeding program, we pay attention so that products bred for the North American market are robust, efficient, and thrive in alternative systems. Their unique breeding also makes the final product stand out for its unique and flavorful taste.

We offer breeder females to be crossed with SASSO or your native local males. As our breeder females are recessive, they allow the full expression of the roosters’ phenotype.

Our colored male breeders express different characteristics but are all well-suited for North American conditions. They are the perfect fit for any grower or backyard farmer.

Discover below our portfolio of chickens and layers and find the right product to meet your needs.

Colored chickens

Colored layers