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SASSO offers products for a variety of environments and production types to customers worldwide.

Our management guide provides valuable information and technical advice to help you successfully raise SASSO chickens. Whether you are a large producer or a small farmer in a rural area, our goal is to help you achieve and maintain high performance of our traditional poultry.

Through numerous field visits and technical discussions with our customers, we have gathered a considerable amount of useful information and have created this management guide.

Check out our management guide to learn more about these key technical areas.

Are you a rural farmer? This guide is made for you.

Our rural poultry guide is dedicated to small farmers and growers living in rural areas. This document is easily accessible containing all the basic advice and simple tips to ensure the success of your flock.

From brooding through the lighting program to nutrition, we have created this guide with the feedback from the field of our customers and our expertise.

Our objective is to keep it simple so that rural and small farmers can achieve good results even with limited resources.

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