Sasso roast chicken

Published on Oct. 15, 2020

SASSO, New York's 'It' chicken

SASSO’s ambition is to provide healthy and high-quality protein thanks its traditional poultry products.

Our colored chickens are supplied all over the world, from Manila to the UK. We are also selling our parent stock birds to US customers, as they deliver high-quality tasty meat and can respond to the end consumer needs. SASSO’s colored chickens are hence more and more present on the plates of Americans.

Indeed, a few years ago, two young French chefs, Alex Leonard and Greg Proeschel, helped to introduce and promote the SASSO meat through their restaurants, mixing French cuisine with eclectic and experimental kitchen from New-York. But this was only possible thanks to the efforts of Jacob Helfrich, wholesale distributor to the city’s live-animal markets. One day, he travelled to France to select the specific genetic cross that best suited his customers, most of whom have very specific traditional poultry purchasing criteria. Customers wanted chickens with a distinct reddish color, long legs and a thin, narrow V-shaped breast, a substantial amount of yellow fat, as well as a richer flavor and firmer texture. In short, a slow-growing, well-bred bird. SASSO was simply the best choice to meet these needs and bring an exotic chicken taste to American consumers.

Now, the SASSO chicken continues to grow in America as consumption patterns and trends have changed. There is a growing market of consumers looking for high quality protein, raised to meet free range, organic standards, all while delivering flavorful, delicious taste. This is all they can find in our birds. The famous Sohla El-Waylly, chef and YouTube personality, even mentioned her experience after tasting a SASSO chicken: “a very tasty yellow fat, almost as rich as duck”.

As a grower or customer, you may be looking to differentiate your existing offering for consumers. If you are looking to enhance your operations with a unique offering for the market, consider SASSO and step into a new opportunity.

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How the SASSO became the city's 'It' chicken

Photo credits: Bobby Doherty/New York Magazine

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