Sabres : 40 Years of Success

Published on Oct. 31, 2023

Sabres : 40 Years of Success

Sabres, France – October 25th, 2023 – It is with great honor and pride that the Sabres business facility of the SASSO company, subsidiary of Hendrix Genetics, has celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. It was the occasion for SASSO to gather everyone who contributed to its success in an event held on Friday October 13th to celebrate this anniversary and pay a tribute to Mr. Serge Perrault, one of SASSO’s founders.

In 1983, the SASSO company - specialized in traditional poultry breeding since 2016 – set up its breeding facility in Sabres, in the Landes de Gascogne Forest. 2023 therefore marks the 40th anniversary of this facility, which is synonym for hard work, success, and prosperity. SASSO has thus decided to organize an event on Friday October 13th, 2023, for it to be a red-letter day.

Celebrating 40 years of success

More than 90 customers, colleagues and friends have then gathered in Sabres to celebrate this big moment. To highlight SASSO’s history, we could find at this event SASSO’s CEO Laurent Salles as well as its former CEO, Yves de la Fouchardière. Louis Perrault, Senior Advisor, former CEO and son of Serge Perrault – one of SASSO’s founders, was of course there as well. To emphasize SASSO’s strong relationship with its customers, members of the Chinese company Xian Gaoling Farm – who has been a SASSO customer for more than 20 years – have especially come from China, highlighting the strong alliance between the company and the Chinese market, a key market for the traditional poultry sector. Finally, to put an emphasis on its alliance with Hendrix Genetics which has been lasting for 7 years now, Hendrix Genetics’ CEO Richard Maatman and its President, Thijs Hendrix, have also joined the event.

The event was one of joy and celebration. Everyone has celebrated happily and emotionally 40 years of the Sabres facility’s history. It was the occasion for Laurent Salles to thank each and everyone who joined and to remind them the special bond between SASSO and its region :


It is important for us to have many of you here today. SASSO has been there for 40 years. It is part of the Haute-Lande territory, and we are counting on staying there.

Laurent Salles
General Manager

It was also not conceivable to talk about SASSO without mentioning one of its founders, Serge Perrault – who passed away during summer 2023. His son, Louis Perrault, took the opportunity to read an excerpt of his father’s memoirs, which recount SASSO’s creation in 1978 as well as his bound with the Landes region. It was an emotional moment that reminded everyone how SASSO was born. “This adventure is first and foremost about a man who is my dad. [...] He passed away about two months ago, at the age of 102: he had a good life.

Finally, a beautiful tribute was also paid by Thijs Hendrix who put words on what SASSO represents :


I am glad to be here with you tonight to celebrate SASSO’s 40th anniversary in Sabres. 45 years ago, Serge Perrault, a man of vision, founded SASSO. Even if he passed away recently, his entrepreneurial spirit still lives in SASSO. I want to thank Serge, his family, his colleagues, and his son Louis for their priceless contribution. […] I also want to thank every current and past employee, partner, customer, and supplier who have made that possible. Let’s look towards the future with optimism and ambition and I hope we will all find one another once more here in 10 years to celebrate SASSO’s 50th anniversary.

Thijs Hendrix
Président & President of the Supervisory Board

This event allowed to strengthen the already strong bonds between all SASSO employees, and to remind everyone of the success and prosperity of this company, which has already lasted for more than 40 years.


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