Our local investment in Central and South America

Published on Feb. 14, 2022

Our local investment in Central and South America

Recently, the Dutch Embassy in Costa Rica invited us to participate in a video of their "Orange talks" series on the economic section of the embassy, to present SASSO and the colored chickens we can provide. Let’s meet Edouard Perrault, the Commercial Director of SASSO at 1min40.

SASSO’s objective is to provide high performance colored chickens to give local businesses the opportunity to develop and fight poverty and malnutrition through poultry farming. For several years, we have been working on several projects, especially in the Central American region.

To this end, we work in close collaboration with the Dutch embassy - SASSO is part of the Dutch group Hendrix Genetics. This regional embassy is active in 5 countries, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Its goal is to promote Dutch companies over these Central American markets to find new development opportunities, for example by putting them in touch with local NGOs or entrepreneurs.

In August 2020, SASSO participated in a webinar organized by the embassy to explain how our genetics can help fight malnutrition in poor and rural areas. The idea was to put forth the business model of some of our clients in Africa, called the "Mothers Unit" system, on the continent of Central and South America.

Then, we got in contact with a Guatemalan company - leader in social development through projects in agriculture and horticulture - for a project, supported by European and American funds and large companies. Regarding this project, supported by USAID (United States Agency for International Development), we worked in collaboration with the Swiss NGO Helvetia and our client Incubadora Santa Rosa. They wanted to develop that same model of poultry farming in rural areas of Guatemala, especially the Altiplano. Unfortunately, it could not be carried out, for reasons beyond our control.

We are convinced that poultry farming and traditional poultry can be beneficial to the populations of countries or rural areas, serving as a springboard for economic development and tackle malnutrition.

If you have a project for a possible collaboration with SASSO, or if you simply want to know more about our local investment, we will be pleased to hear from you.

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