Female breeder - SA31L

The SA31L breeder female is a colored regular size and rustic bird. This PS female is autosexing and will produce feather sexable chicks.

This breeder female has the particularity of being recessive, allowing the expression of the rooster’s phenotype. It is also a very easy to manage bird.


Technical data

Live weight at 20 weeks 2250 g
Live weight at 24 weeks 2627 g
Live weight at 66 weeks 3260 g
Nr. of eggs at 66 weeks 220
Nr. of hatching eggs 214
Mortality rate 0-20 weeks 2.5%
Mortality rate 21-60 weeks 6.6%
Total consumption for 0-65 weeks 61.2 kg
Consumption per DOC 0-66 weeks 336 g